Jammy Tales Storybooks

Mission Statement (our why!)

To be a part of a child’s journey, young and old; to have fun, to indulge in a wee bit of whimsy, and to learn something new along the way!


Vision Statement (our how!)

Our journey would like to kindle imaginative and creative thinking by introducing ideas, characters, and situations that will spark the ability to start a conversation and tell a story!


Values (our what!)

Along life’s journey:

  • Love yourself, embrace who you are and what you have!
  • Treat others well, be kind, be polite!
  • Engage in people, talk to one another!
  • Engage in nature, go for a walk, play outside!
  • Do something positive and constructive; do the dishes, sweep the floor, make your bed, laugh!
  • Do something to make your world a better place!
  • Read a book!

Hot off the Presses!

The Little Starfish and The Little Seahorse

Colouring Book

Now, you can play and colour with your new friends!

Discover the friendship inspired by adventure in

The Little Starfish and The Little Seahorse

Our Future

Think Local

Jammy Tales Storybooks will do everything we possibly can do to source local.


Jammy Tales Storybooks will continually strive to do our part in being environmentally responsible.


To look at sustainable resources that can be renewed, recycled, reused that are made of non-toxic, natural materials.


At Jammy Tales Storybooks, we’ll keep creating new and wonderful stories and products.

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