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The Little Starfish and The Little Seahorse

Photo by Kristin Whiteley Photography

About the Author

Sharon Whiteley

Sharon Whiteley has always had a love of children’s books. Children’s stories are the beginning of a great and lifelong adventure for children young and old. Sharon currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. Her love of the outdoors allows her to pursue a number of activities including swimming, cycling, running, hiking and much more. She also enjoys spending time on the beaches of Mexico and it is there her love of the beach and sea have allowed her to use these natural surroundings to create and cultivate new characters into fun and delightful children’s stories.

And the Illustrator

Kirk Robertson

Kirk Robertson is an aspiring illustrator with a love of animation and artwork. First putting together his own series of illustration based on anime, dragons, and robots. He has since spent his time refining a view of the world that encapsulates fantasy and wonderment with open eyes. Kirk spends his free time gaming in both electronic and traditional media and is an avid fan of a variety of modern animation styles. When not busy with projects, he enjoys daydreaming with his cat Lestat. He is now embarking on a new journey creating characters for children’s stories.

Photo by Kristin Whiteley Photography

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